Author's Biography

James Rupe attended Central Missouri State University receiving a degree in education. After graduation, he spent the majority of his adult life as an educator, filling the roll of administrator, teacher and coach in both private and public sectors. He married Sharon his college sweetheart and together raised two wonderful sons. They continue to enjoy a very close family association.

With a keen sense of purpose and a penchant for adventure, Jim began his earnest hunt for the answers to life’s questions at age thirty-three. After exploring numerous dead ends, he began a thorough examination of the Bible discovering a passionate curiosity for Biblical eschatology. Through a careful study of scripture and an ardent observation of world events, he has spent twenty-five years comparing and teaching the two.

Upon retiring from public service and between rounds of golf, he found the time to pursue a desire to write. Using his background in eschatology and interest in current world events, “Day of Vindication” was born. Jim is recognized as an effective public speaker and is available for speaking engagements. His statement of accountability reads as follows. “It is a solemn responsibility to write or speak words that may have a lasting influence on any individual.” Day of Vindication was written in an exciting commercial genre with the hope that it would attract readers of varied interest. The truths exposed are certain to stir an intrinsic sentiment in all that read this stirring novel.





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